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Becoming a Tica

Izy said something to me the other day that I found to be quite true: "When you stay some where for two weeks it is still a vacation, but once you hit that third week it starts becoming a home." Since we are beginning our third week of five in Costa Rica I have definitely noticed some changes in the way of life here and begun to adapt in the ways that I can. Unfortunately, my obnoxiously blonde hair and light eyes are an automatic giveaway that labels me as an "AMERICAN"; however, I do my best to become a Tica (Tica: Costa Rican female).

As I have mentioned before coffee is an every day necessity here. In the US I drink coffee every so often, but in Costa Rica I find myself with a cup of coffee every morning and sometimes at lunch (drinking it without milk or sugar is the true way to do it). In addition, rice and beans is served with every meal even if it is not specified on the menu. I think it's safe to say that the adjustments in food have not bothered me in the slightest, but the differences are still worth noting.

Patacones: the best "chips and salsa" you will ever consume!

Other than food, communicating with people has not been too challenging. For the most part, everyone speaks English; however, whenever I am out to eat or in the office I do my best to understand what people are saying, even if I only understand a few words (I sometimes shock myself in what I am able to remember from high school). It is encouraging when a Tica or Tico uses me to practice their English because it's taught me that language does not have to be a barrier, but a way to learn and connect with someone.

Being in Costa Rica has been an experience I will continue to be appreciative for. The landscape continues to amaze me along with the different plants and animals that make up this beautiful country. I am excited for the next two and a half weeks I have left and look forward to becoming more like a Tica ;)

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