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2018-2019 Cohort

Jenylee Pineda

I am and Environmental Science major under the health option. My love for the Environment began at an early age when I realized that all the amazing and not so amazing things that we witness in everyday life is due to our natural environment creating it. As I started becoming older I realized the devastating impacts that we as people have had on our environment. There has been much debate over how we can approach this dilemma, but it an overwhelming topic since we still do not know a lot about many of the systems that our Earth operates. That is why I believe working with the Aresty Research Center will be an exciting opportunity,  to contribute to a project that will further help us understand a system that can have dramatic effects on many people’s lives

Jesus Rodriguez

I like to consider myself a modern-day renaissance man. I appreciate variety and novelty above all. I can become engulfed and enchanted with any new hobby as long as it is challenging. I suppose that my absolute favorite hobby is learning. I exercise this hobby by speaking to new people often, reading, and meditating. I'm very interested in business, philosophy, and EVERYTHING remotely scientific, especially regarding the brain, the universe, and human origin. I hope during my time with Aresty that I learn how international research is carried out and how connections are made and maintained. It is also interesting to study the different levels of organization in an academic environment and what the possibilities of a successful career look like. My favorite quote comes Bruce Lee: "Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one."

Jonathan Zablin

I study astrophysics at Rutgers University. I am interested in exoplanets and the possibility of finding life on extraterrestrial bodies. One of the best ways to study other extraterrestrial bodies is to study our own, the Earth. Learning about why the Earth operates in certain ways would help our understanding of how other bodies in space work. Since studying things in space is difficult because they are so far away, the Earth is a great “laboratory” to study in/ on. In my free time I enjoy learning new things such as reading scientific articles and papers and learning french.

Mariya Galochkina

I am a junior studying geology and physics with a minor in marine science. I have always been interested in Earth and how it has changed on both a local and global scale over time, and hope to pursue a career in research in either geophysics or marine geology. For the last year, I have worked as a research assistant in the Rutgers Stratigraphy Lab in reconstructing North Atlantic sea surface temperature variations during the Miocene and presented my work at the Geological Society of America annual meeting in Seattle. I am excited by the prospect of partaking in research internationally as well as conducting fieldwork.

Param Patel

I am a Physics and Mathematics double major. One of my passions in life is constantly improving myself by learning new things. My deep desire to learn about physics and mathematics stems from my interest to understand the Universe. Growing up, I found that learning new things to be easy and quite fun. I would spend my leisure time reading books and quickly realized that the world around me was full of mysteries. This project will help expose me to the world of geophysics and to understanding the mechanics of the Earth. I believe this is an exciting opportunity that will help pique my desire to understand the world around me.

Sarai Rodriguez

I will be graduating in 2020 with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. I picked civil engineering because I want to become someone who will be able to contribute to society by building and designing better buildings, bridges, and man-made structures. Everything we build is subject to the forces and processes that exist in the natural environment so I believe that having a better understanding of the planet is crucial in building safe and long lasting structures. The GREAT research program will be a great hands-on opportunity to learn more about our planet which nurtures my own personal and professional interests. In my free time I like to play the piano, read, learn new languages, and exercise

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Jenylee Pineda
Jesus Rodriguez
jonathan zablin
mariya galochkina
param patel
sarai rodriguez
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