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2019-2020 Cohort

Emily Kapr

I am currently a junior at Rutgers majoring in Physics. I consider myself to be a very easy-going and diverse person. Although I have many different roles on campus, my favorite is being involved with the Navy ROTC program. Ever since high school I have wanted to join the Navy to work as an aviation officer. I enjoy the idea of serving in the Navy because being in the Navy means serving something that is larger than myself. Despite my future goals,  I am very excited to join and take on this new role with the GREAT Project. For me, this research project is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could never pass up. I am thankful for this experience and look forward to working with my peers.

Isabelle Stern

I am a Rutgers Industrial & Systems Engineering student expecting to graduate in 2021. I am excited to apply my studies to the planetary sciences while working on the GREAT Project. I hope that working on this project will help me practice research and contribute to findings that impact both the scientific and local communities. Traveling, hiking, and cooking are my favorite past-times. I am eager to explore Costa Rica and research with the cohort.

Joyce Franco

I am currently a junior majoring in geology with a minor in chemistry at Rutgers University. Before becoming a Rutgers student, I attended a 2-year community college and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Engineering. My interests in the Earth Science are diverse thus being part of an international research project that focuses on local geophysical data analysis will allow me to expand my knowledge on a specific area in the geosciences in great depth. Thanks to this amazing research team, I look forward to a year of adventure and learning experiences. One of my life’s goals is using my knowledge and skills to contribute to society in different ways. So far, I have done so by joining the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society; as a member I volunteered for different community service activities. Moreover, I participated in a research project that aimed at the restoration of an area within the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Kyle Comito

I am currently set to graduate from Rutgers in 2021 with a major in Civil & Environmental Engineering and a minor in Geography. I am equally inspired by human feats of massive cityscapes and construction in the man-made world but also the beauty of the natural environment around us. It is for this reason that I am not yet decided as to weather I would like to pursue a career in the structural or environmental engineering fields, both of which are choices within my major. So for me, not only will participating in the GREAT Project be a special experience to do my first research in a foreign location, but it may very well also help me determine my future. I am also involved in the School of Engineering Honors Academy, the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA), and the Scarlet Ambassadors.

Rosa Martinez

I am an Environmental Science major at Rutgers University. As a first generation college student, attending Rutgers was a huge step to take, but to me, it was an obvious one. I decided to pursue a major in environmental science because I am interested in learning how anthropogenic activities impact the natural cycles on Earth. I am excited to learn more about the geophysics of this planet through the GREAT Project. I plan to use the knowledge later on in life in both the professional and educational setting as I pursue a PhD in Pollution Prevention and Control. During my leisure time I enjoy drawing or doing yoga.

Steve Elkington

I am a Geological & Planetary Science and Physics major at Rutgers University, graduating May 2019. Being a sixth year undergraduate student has given me many opportunities to understand the earth and its processes in a classroom setting. I have been a geophysical research assistant for two years and have learned a great deal about seismology. I am excited to use this knowledge I have received from the Rutgers Geology department and implement it into the GREAT project. Being able to see, travel, and understand the earth is a large reason why I decided to become a geology major. The GREAT project to me is a beginning to my career and an example of what it may be like to do field work in the future. I am excited to start my journey in Costa Rica and hope I learn many things on the way.   

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