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Goodbye Ticos & Ticas

This is the 5th and last week in Costa Rica. I am so excited to be home in a few days and get to tell my family and friends about my research experience in a foreign country. At the beginning of this research experience I got to learn about all the seismic stations operating in Costa Rica (short period & broadband) and even traveled around the country to service a few of them. Besides learning the technical aspects of seismic stations, I also learned how to analyze the information retrieved from them and use it to better understand the tectonic setting at the southern region(yess, Science!!). It has been an amazing learning experience and I am extremely grateful I was selected to be part of the G.R.E.AT project.

Right next to the Costa Rican flag :)

One of my favorite things about Costa Rica is its beauty. I was fascinated by every single place we had the opportunity to visit. Seeing the crater of volcano was by far my favorite experience!!

Photo taken at Manuel Antonio National Park

Before leaving this beautiful country, I wanted to make sure I learned more about its history, so I visited the National Museum in San Jose.

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