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Another day, more Landslides

Hello everyone! Kyle and I started our 4th week in Costa Rica out in the field. We were able to join Paulo in his effort to keep an updated record on an unfinished road project. One of the goals yesterday was to check on landslides that were recorded and try to find new ones. Another concern with this project is that the ground is moving. Due to this movement some bridges were left unfinished since they began to move with the ground becoming unstable. The team briefly discussed potential solutions, a hanging bridge being one of them. A second goal for the day was to locate any potential sites where a well could be placed to monitor ground movement through change in slope (the same way we measured slope change on week 2 for Route 27). We located a fault on the ground which could serve as a potential site. I’ve attached a picture! The lower part of the road is the part that is moving. By building a well here, the team will be able to measure how fast the ground is moving. It can also track how the movement differs between the wet and dry seasons.

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