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Power Outage Delay...

Tropical Storm Isaias did a number on my neighborhood and knocked out my power for a few days, but thankfully I am back and ready to keep going on the project! The delay caused by the lack of power is obviously a slight cause for concern for me with my map due on Wednesday, but thankfully I am still on track to complete it on time. As Lea mentioned, we divided a map of the Limon landslides that occurred after the earthquake, and we each were given a section of land to map out. This involves tracing out every observed landslide on QGIS by uploading the map of landslides and aligning it with the downloaded map of Costa Rica that we have. I'm very excited to see all the pieces put together when we all submit our sections of the map!

This map will contribute towards the paper we're working on as Lea mentioned in her last post, which will be presented at the AGU (American Geophysical Union) meeting. We will be one of many presentations there, so it will be exciting to be part of such a large conference! Sadly it will not be the same as being there in person, however I am still very excited to be a part of it nonetheless! It reflects our current situation as we will have to get used to doing things online and remotely for the foreseeable future. Working steadily from home on a schedule similar to that of a class has prepared me for the mindset needed going back into classes in less than a month (wow summer went by fast...). We are also planning to have periodic meetings for this project throughout the semester so we can keep preparing our paper for the presentation. I'm very glad that we got to work on this project this summer despite the situation, and I hope that eventually we will be able to go to Costa Rica to see the areas that we are currently studying.

Keeping up with the trend I will post a picture I took of the Hudson River from Edgewater, NJ. That's NYC on the left and the Palisades on the right, a beautiful view at sunrise (when the picture was taken)

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