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Bug Boogaloo//New Mexico Day 1

Things I have learned in my first few hours in New Mexico:

-The mountains are gorgeous. It's also pretty exciting to be able to see a lot of defined rock strata in some of the mountains, coming from a geology major living in a state with practically no geologic outcrops.

-Socorro is considered a city despite having a population of ~9000 people and an area of about 10 blocks by 10 blocks. You can drive through the town in no more than 10 minutes. This amazes me.

-The Albuquerque airport definitely has the Southwestern aesthetic on lock. It's definitely the most interesting airport I've ever been in.

-Anything that can go wrong (especially while traveling) has a high chance of going wrong. Param and Jonathan arrived at their motel room only to find more beetles than any of us would have cared to see, so they ended up having to relocate last minute to another motel across town—"across town" meaning a three minute drive.

A view of the sunset and mountains from their new motel, featuring some older man in a cowboy hat who spent a questionable amount of time walking around this parking lot.

-Ice cream here is really cheap. Ben and Jerry's is ~$3.70 a pint.

Important business at the local Walmart.

Thanks, Walmart.

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