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We're half way there!

Hello everyone! From the wise words of Kyle “we are closer to the end than the beginning” of this trip. So far this trip has been filled with many educational opportunities as well as fun activities. I learned how to use QGIS and as a group we went on some amazing hikes. Yesterday, we took the bus for the first time, and we received aid from many people (they were the only reason we were able to make it, and Joyce too!). We’ve also been lucky enough to explore some beautiful sites and have amazing food. One of the most breathtaking sites I have been to is at Cerro de la Muerte, I’ve inserted a picture of the view from there. I also had many delicious food dishes, however it was surprising to learn that Costa Ricans have rice three times a day. My favorite dish so far has been “Casado” which includes rice, meat, salad, and beans. I'm excited to continue learning and eating Costa Rican food!

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