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We Can't Handle the Gravity of this Situation

Research has its ups and downs. On Monday, we learned how to use a gravimeter. With this device, we are able to find relative changes in gravity across various locations. On Tuesday, we went to Vulcan Irazu to conduct some gravity measurements at four different locations. Today we had the task of trying to make sense of the data we collected. Since our mentor is currently on vacation until July 23rd, we do not really have an idea of how to process the data. The day had to be spent inside our hotel rooms, reading the research papers he sent us months ago. Out of the blue Vadim is able to locate the manuals for the devices that we were using. Unknowingly, the manuals were very useful in that it provided an equation for us to take the measurement we receive and convert it to a value that correlates to the strength of the gravitational field. At the end of the day, we got some values that made sense. It felt good.

Even though I was comfortable at my desk, messing with the data, I wish I had more of a sense of direction from my mentor. I can't wait until he gets back so I can get down to business and start working hard on my research project. Until then, all I can do is try to read up on the subject matter and hope for the best.

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