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Virtual Endings

Hi everyone, it has been a while since we have posted but here is an update on how our research turned out. Throughout the fall Andrew and I worked alongside Paulo and his team to create a poster for the AGU Convention. We presented the poster virtually, and it was a really cool experience to be part of. For almost two weeks there were tons of seminars we could attend, and poster sessions from hundreds of different participants. I attended some of the key note speaker presentations about the Arctic and climate change, which were super cool!

Then in the spring semester, it was time for us to make our poster for the Aresty Symposium. Every other week we would have a different session through the Aresty program on how to complete a different part of the poster, such as the abstract, captions for images, sizing and layout. By the end of April our posters were due, and we recorded ourselves online presenting them. We had to split it in two parts, I present the first half of the poster (introduction and objectives) and Andrew did the results. Then we had a closing zoom session with the whole Aresty program to congratulate us on completing our research.

I think we made the best of the pandemic situation, and still got to enjoy a lot of time working alongside Paulo. I hope to go to Costa Rica one day, and continue research in some way in my post-graduation life! This week is our virtual graduation, and then my time at Rutgers will come to a close. Being part of this program was such a unique experience, and I am so happy I had the opportunity to be part of something I will never forget. The whole team was GREAT!

Signing off- Lea

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