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Research Update (lightning presentation)

Since we came back from Costa Rica, I have been working on developing the gravity anomaly program. In the beginning, there were a few roadblocks to overcome. First, I needed to improve my Python skills. Second, the Earth-Tide data seemed to be off. So, Param and I, with the help of Prof. Keeton and Prof. Levin, tried to make different models to figure out why the tide data seemed to not fit. However, it turned out the weird tide corrections were negligible and we could continue on. Currently, I am working on developing the program with the help of Param. Up to this point, I have made a very basic GUI that allows a user to input a .csv file and the program will extract the data. The data is then passed to different functions. Right now, the functions do not change the data. Within the next few weeks, the functions should be able to do the correct calculations.

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