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Research Journey :D

It seems like time has gone by quickly in the past 4 weeks and I have acquired a GREAT amount of knowledge from my research experience. From learning how seismic stations operate, the different types of seismometers that exist out there to learning how to determine the location of epicenters and magnitudes of seismic events from seismographs!!!

Workplace at RSN

One of my expectations for the upcoming weeks is to be able to apply my new skills and knowledge to a research project. This research project will focus on the complex tectonic setting of Costa Rica. I will be using the seismological data that I have been working on as the foundation of my work. I will also be learning new techniques in the next few days before I get back to the US. This week I will be learning how to determine focal mechanisms right from seismographs on the program SEISAN. Focal mechanisms are used to describe the type of deformation that occurred in the epicenter region of a seismic event. Based on the type of deformation we’ll be able to tell whether a seismic event is related to local faults, subducting plate, a combination of more than two factors etc…

Map showing location of earthquake epicenter

On a different topic, last Saturday I had the opportunity to see the crater of a volcano for the first time. I’ve been fascinated by volcanoes my entire life and volcanoes somewhat influenced me to want to pursue a career in Geoscience. This was an amazing experience for me 😉

Volcan Irazu ! <3

I will be happy to keep you all posted about my progress. Nos vemos .- Joyce

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