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  • Andrew Marden

Newspaper Recognition!

We're famous!!! Ok not really, but our project did get recognition in the Costa Rican national newspaper, La Nación! In response to recent landslides on the Irazú Volcano in Costa Rica, people began to wonder about how to prepare for these situations, and it got some journalistic attention. Dr. Paulo Ruiz, who we are currently working with for the GREAT project, also works for the Red Sismológica Nacional (RSN) and was interviewed by La Nación about how we are working on mapping past landslides and using these maps to attempt to better predict how landslides will occur in the future. Both Rutgers University and Indiana University got mentions for collaborating with Dr. Ruiz on these projects, which was really cool to see! This is definitely a testament to the quality and importance of the work that we are doing and it honestly makes me feel really good that we're working on a project that will have such major implications in the future. The link to the post can be found at the end of the article along with some photos that Dr. Ruiz took of the newspaper to show us that the national newspaper published an article about our project. These are really exciting times for the GREAT Project!

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