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My Sediments on Week Two

Hello! Short update this time: it’s week two, and our projects are definitely moving along!

My week is usually structured by video calls with Dr. Levin on Mondays and Fridays - Monday meetings are to set up expectations and project tasks for the week, and Fridays meetings are to kind of debrief on the work that was done. The middle of the week is usually less structured, and it’s when I work on my project. Right now, I’m working to plot earthquake locations on geographical maps, but first I must deconstruct the data in the earthquake files using MATLAB. Mariya (from the first cohort) saved a lot of her MATLAB methodology, as well as the MATLAB scripts she used to plot data, so it’s been nice to have that headway already made.

As Anirudh mentioned, the flexibility that comes with working remotely is quite nice; not having to physically be somewhere to work means I’m getting a lot of other things done in the day, like cooking and working out. I have noticed that I don’t tend to work in chunks – instead of spreading my work evenly across the week, I try to do it all in one sitting. The work is quite interesting though, and the hardest part of this project has maybe been coming up with decent puns for this blog.

Until next week!

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