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Moving Forward

This is my reflection post on our time in Costa Rica. I've learned more than I imagined in these 5 weeks thanks to our knowledgeable mentors. I have practiced GNSS data collection, creating maps and adding information in QGIS, post-processing data through both external services and command line interface software like TEQC, and leveling. I have been trained in and practiced applying geophysics and geodesy concepts that had never crossed my mind before. I am so grateful to have been so patiently guided by Oscar in these weeks.

Working in another country has been fun, too. Having a different language, currency, and culture around me all the time makes me appreciate the comforts of home even more. I am glad that we got to work in so many parts of the country to see some different natural environments and neighborhoods in Costa Rica.

I am excited to carry this project into the next semester. Emily and I have been working mostly on TEQC and GAMIT, two data processing software, this week. We are looking forward to getting more comfortable with the syntax required to fully utilize these systems because command line interface is new to both of us. Google has been our best friend to try and learn the ins and outs of Ubuntu. I can't wait to see just what we can do (or cannot do) with our data in these programs.

I am starting to draw connections between geology, geophysics, and my field of study, industrial engineering, that I never considered before. This interdisciplinary research experience has helped me grow as a researcher, student, and professional. On to the next phase, we go! Let's see what else we find!

One last big thank you to our mentors: thank you for putting all the time and effort into making our time here educational, fun, and memorable. You are models to us in academic research. Gracias!

Last night we celebrated our time in Costa Rica with the mentors. Steve and Ivonne are missing because of bad weather and prior commitments- they were sorely missed!

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