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Gravity in San Vito

Hello! It's Emily again and it feels so good to be back in Costa Rica. So far the gravity team has been all over (as usual) but mainly in the city of San Vito collecting gravity and GPS data. Last time we were here, Izy and I focused on GPS data to get the ellipsoidal height at different benchmarks around Costa Rica. However, this time, we have been using the gravimeter to measure gravity in places that have never been measured before. Over the past three days, we have reached 15 sites and collected (what seems to be) GREAT data at all of them!

I feel so lucky to be back in this beautiful country over winter break and I am excited to get back and start working on post processing this new data that we have collected. Tomorrow, Izy, Oscar (our mentor) and I will be heading back to San Jose; however, along the way we are looking forward to stopping at the beach! The rest of the team will keep you posted on how our week will end, but it's been nice to catch up with all of the mentors and our readers!

Here are some pictures of our adventures so far:

I hope you enjoy the update and continue to keep track of our adventures! Thanks for reading! Hasta Luego!

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