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  • Jenylee Pineda

First Earthquake!

Our day started off like it has been for this past week. We wake up, eat breakfast and head out to work, we usually come to the office and go to our workspace and try to work on anything we have to do related to Ruta 27. When we came in today Paulo suggested that we finish our tour at Lanamme and we discovered a second building they have. In the middle of our tour we stopped in a room where the only purpose of it, is to calibrate the equipment they use in Lanamme so it could be as accurate and precise as possible.

We asked who calibrates the machines that calibrate the Lanamme machines and apparently, they have an extremely precise measuring facility in Germany where they send to equipment to. While we were almost finished with the tour of that room, we felt our first earthquake. We barely felt it and would have not noticed unless they had told us to move, the structure of that building is built so well because they have very costly and heavy machinery, so they have to make it as reinforced as possible.

After that stop we went to talk to a chemist in Lanamme who also showed various costly equipment and the many uses for it. We were very grateful for that tour because it gave us a sense of the difficulties that most Central American governments and companies face when it comes to effective transportation and what is the safest and most dollar friendly way to achieving that.

We went back to the office and continued our work on all things Ruta 27 and then we felt another earthquake, and this time we really did feel it.

The first time since we were on the first floor in a highly reinforced building that is built to not shake we did not feel it and the earthquake also had a 3.9 magnitude. The second one we were in the second floor and this time it was 4.6, it was quick but that was my actual first experience of feeling an earthquake and it was pretty cool. For the rest of the day we were excited that we got to feel one and that no one was hurt of course. We were finishing our work on locating landslides on Ruta 27 and later categorizing them. Maybe we will get to feel another earthquake the Monday we come back.

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