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  • Jenylee Pineda

First Day at Lanamme

It is our first day working in the office of Lanamme and it’s been a pretty cool experience so far! Sarai and I started working with Paulo and Amalia Wednesday, but today is the first day that we were working in the office, which is kind of different then going to work at an ordinary student center. In the middle of the building there is the engineering building which is constantly being used to work with different types of materials—usually very loudly. We are working on the skeleton of a project that Paulo is in charge of, Ruta 27 which is a road from San Jose to the Pacific Coast has some weak spots that are susceptible to landslides. The projects main objective is to map and simulate where these weak spots would be so later engineers could find solutions to correcting these problems.

We already mapped out over 70 kilometers on this program called Global Mapper and now our objective is to layer it with things such as slope measurement, the type of vegetation it has, etc. which in turn will help us learn how this highway will react when we simulate earthquakes, rainfall, and landslides. It will help the public by providing more road safety which is a big dilemma here.

Although what we are working on is really interesting and engaging on our way back from the office we saw a chicken on campus. It’s a big deal because we have been yearning to see an animal like a sloth, that are rumored to be on trees on campus but the chicken was exciting enough.

The chicken really did cross the road

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