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Bienvenido to the Blog 2019!

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Hola! I have the honor of writing the 2019 cohort's first blog post. We finally arrived in Costa Rica yesterday morning and settled into la Gran Casa. It is a beautiful place and a short walk to the University. Paulo gave us a walking tour around this part of San Jose on Sunday, and today he showed us several geology and engineering labs. I particularly enjoyed seeing a cement mix made with recycled plastic that they are testing in the lab. It is the only lab of its kind in all of Latin America.

I’m Isabelle (refer to Bios page?), and I’ll be working with Emily and Oscar to obtain GPS coordinates and gravity field measurements this summer. We will be using expensive equipment to make precise coordinate measurements at survey points around the country. This week we plan on doing a day trip in the field after learning more about the math and physics theories behind the measurement process. Stay tuned to the blog this week to learn more about the other facets of the project!

Thanks for tuning in. We are having so much fun learning about Costa Rica, planning trips around the country, and eating our body weights in rice and beans (and drinking the same in coffee…). So excited for the month. Chao!

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