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An Assignment!

Hi everyone! So the landslide group (with the help from our friends at Indiana University & in Costa Rica) submitted an abstract to the AGU conference. This abstract included our plans to combine the factors that influence the probability of landslides occurring from past earthquakes to help determine the areas where landslides can happen in the future due to earthquakes. And me and Andrew got our first assignment! We are going to map the Limon area and highlight the landslides like in my previous post, which is due before our next meeting. Then we will run some statistics on the area. Throughout the school year we will be working virtually on finishing a poster presentation for the AGU meeting and having monthly check ups with a list of things we want to accomplish that month.

I am definitely more comfortable with QGIS but still have a lot to learn. I think it is a very useful tool, and I am registering for a mapping class through Rutgers for the fall semester to improve my skills. Working virtually has been very interesting and I'm happy we were able to get a plan for the year. It has helped me get more accustomed to zoom, but I need to speak more in meetings. I mostly am scared to interrupt people on the virtual calls, but in person I have no problem. So for the school year I will need to get used to speaking out during the calls.

I am very excited to have a plan for the year and a group who is great at communicating! Don’t have a map to show, but here is a picture I took kayaking this week!

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