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A Trip to the Caribbean

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

What a weekend! Emily, Kyle, Rosa and I decided that it was our turn to explore the Caribbean side of the country while Steve and Joyce (the lucky ducks who already serviced seismology stations around here) explore more of San Jose. We drove to Manzanillo and rented a small spot out in the jungle from a kind family. Our setup is almost too good to be true: we are out in the jungle in a small house with a lovely outdoor porch, hammocks, and kitchen. I think it was all of our first times sleeping under a mosquito net. We got all of this for pretty cheap- so fun! This morning we drank our coffee, swung in the hammocks, and watched howler monkeys climb all around us. The family that cares for the place let us pick many fresh bananas. Today, we hopped around to 3 beaches in the area and did some shopping/coffee drinking in between. None of us have beach hopped like this before either… many firsts! The sun came out for us, which got me a little burnt, but it’ll be okay 😊 We have decided that Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo are wonderful beach towns. Now, we will finish the day playing cards and eating some dinner before a trek back to San Jose tomorrow. We’ve noticed that driving in Costa Rica looks similar each time… get stuck moving slowly behind a large truck, pass said truck, and repeat.

Driving through so many parts of Costa Rica has been a blast. Thanks for following our adventures!

Emily makes us eggs while Kyle watches Howler Monkeys from his hammock!

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