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  • Jenylee Pineda

A Not So Rest Day

Today we had a rest day, and it was greatly needed. After our hike from yesterday we were extremely tired but we woke up well rested from the day before. Even though we had the day to rest we still tried to finish some work. In the last few days at Lanamme we gathered information of Global Mapper on Ruta 27 to categorize the landslides. We will go to the field next week and gather the geology information of the Route. Today we mostly focused on deciphering what kind of landslides they were. It was challenging but I think we’re getting better at it.

Textbook that helps us with categorizing what kind of landslide it is.

This is also a great opportunity to work on some other programs like excel, which is what we use to make an organized list of all the things we notice about the landslides.

We still have a long road ahead of us because we over 70 kilometers of road to cover and we each noticed more than a hundred landslides on our half of the road.

It can be tedious at times because sometimes it's hard to see what kind of landslide it is or what are the characteristics of one type of landslide.

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