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A GREAT Second Day

Hello from Costa Rica! It has been two exciting days filled with tours, information and great food. Today Kyle and I were able to sit in a research presentation completely conducted in Spanish. It was very interesting to hear the vocabulary of all the different topics such as thermal springs, landslides and their relationships to volcanoes. However, at times it became difficult to follow, but we were able to ask Paulo Ruiz (our mentor) questions and he cleared up our confusion over a delicious lunch.

Later on we went to the Lanamme building (our work place this summer), where Paulo supplied some of the data we will be using for our project. We spent the rest of the day going through the data and making sense of it. I am very excited to learn to use all the different software and using the data to make useful maps/images. Enjoy the picture of me trying to figure out how to Geo-reference!

After the group got back to the hotel, we finished watching a movie (50 First Dates) that we had begun the day prior. We all loved it!!

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