• Mariya Galochkina

A First Blog Post of Sorts

This blog post serves as more of an attempt to see how well this whole blog feature works more than anything. We still have a month until we leave for Costa Rica, so there's still plenty of time to prepare, but having spent the last 6 months learning about the project, geophysics, and the country itself, we're all eager to begin working on our official projects.

An example waveform I made on Seisan today.

I've spent a decent portion of time battling with software installation and trying to learn Unix/Windows command prompts. Today, I successfully installed Seisan, a seismic analysis software, and spent the last hour playing around with it.

In a few weeks, four of us are traveling to the IRIS headquarters in New Mexico to get trained in properly installing, working with, and troubleshooting the portable seismometers we will be working with in Costa Rica. More updates to come.

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