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A Day in the Life...

I cannot believe my second week in Costa Rica is already coming to an end. I have already learned so much and have become more accustomed to Costa Rican culture. I am excited to announce that Izy and my project is coming to life with the help of Oscar Lucke (our awesome mentor). Each day has been a different learning experience and scientific breakthrough in my mind.

I begin each day by rolling out of bed and getting some coffee, a necessity in the Costa Rican lifestyle. After breakfast, Izy and I make our way over to the university to meet with Oscar. This week we continued to create our maps and learn about the theories behind our research project. Therefore, the morning is typically spent working on our maps, asking Oscar for advice, and getting geology/physics lectures on theory. The lectures are usually not the most entertaining; however, they are enlightening to say the least.

Here's a picture of the new GNSS Observation Form Izy and I will need to fill out every time we go out to the field. Izy and I made this sheet because the other was in espanol! !

Izy and I are doing a practice run on campus on how to set up the satellite by ourselves when we go out to the field without Oscar :0

Around twelve, Izy and I break for lunch and take the time to relax by making salads, avocado toast, or soup, all while watching a variety of RomComs on Netflix (our guilty pleasure). After lunch, we head back and talk to Oscar about planning new trips to set up the satellite for collecting data and continue to locate benchmarks on our maps. Oscar heads to swim or water polo at three everyday, which gives Izy and I an opportunity to workout ourselves!

Although it seems I have a consistent routine from day to day, each day is a little different and I never fail to learn something new! Today the GREAT group leaves for a three day weekend to the South Pacific side of the country. Stay tuned for updates on how our weekend trip plays out! Thanks for keeping up with us. Chao for now!

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