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A Day at the Office

Today the Landslide Team was able to go out into the field to do some work! We spent the day measuring the slope of a potential landslide on the hill that Route 27 is located on. There is an area on this road that is made up of soft soil that moves throughout the year, and tends to move faster during the rainy season (which is now!). Today we sent a slope indicator equipment down a well to take various coordinates along a 40 meter depth. These points will later be made into a line and the slope can be calculated (this is the slope of the potential landslide on this hill). The movement of the potential landslide can be calculated by taking the difference in the slope we gathered today to previous measurements that we have calculated. After taking the measurements we headed to lunch and went back to San Jose.

In San Jose the Gravity and Landslide team got together for a group workout which was very intense. We all enjoyed a nice home cooked meal after the workout and spent the night watching a movie to relax.

Another day at the office

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